Premature Ejaculation With New Partner

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banner Premature Ejaculation With New Partner

premature ejaculation with new partner

Premature ejaculation?

I think I have a problem, I can not seem to stop during sex and seems to be getting worse. I had a look on the web and it seems that this may be caused by problems of childhood that is more than likely true. Sometimes it is reall bad and I have to stop and wait a few minutes to calm really bad, I do not I have cum in minutes if not less, with my ex who used to have a great sex life and that was not so much a problem, but my new partner is really bad, and worry about now is the worst, because I know it will happen. I tried to think of other things and believe me I do not work, someone has or has had that they have been dealing with him or any physicians who have some solutions, I am open to suggestions. I've heard going to the documentation can solve the problem because depresants can give that help prevnt the problem.

Premature ejaculation is 90% mental so depending on your age may be all in your head, only stop thinking about it and just enjoy the show, if that fails try to do a solo performance before hand and then go at it, also ask your new partner to let them know what is going on so there is no sense of shame floating

premature ejaculation with new partner
premature ejaculation with new partner

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