Premature Ejaculation New Drug

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premature ejaculation new drug

do not suffer from premature ejaculation?

I am a 17 year old man i havnt had sex for a year as becuse i had tym firzt sex i took like 15 seconds a iv had it about 4 times more than most iv aboust could last 30 seconds i tried squeesing the end of my WHN penis felt like I had to cum but it became too much for me now I have a new girlfriend and where very close to her is to get more experience than me and I really do not wana i let down if I try firzt masturbation can be hard 4 me 2 become erect four bodies when there is anything I can do to avoid it (bad drugs Yake if neseasery)

You are young and inexperienced. Most kids your age come quickly. There are ways to slow down. Masturbate before their age should be ready in a short time later. Think about negative things when they are too excited as basebal statistics, your next exam, etc. Do not dwell on the subject. If you come too fast just wait a few minutes to get another erection and keep going. The more sex you have the longer it will last.

premature ejaculation new drug
premature ejaculation new drug

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