Premature Ejaculation Natural Techniques

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premature ejaculation natural techniques

Premature ejaculation?

The decision of the psychological aspect of it, does anyone have suggestions on techniques, drugs or remedies natural help solve the problem?

Masturbation is your friend. The longest time between "events" more sensitive than are. And you know the old saying "practice makes perfect." Not that a week passed and I think it will be able to control yourself when you finally get there. Masturbate from time to time depending on you. Of course, this does not work for all men … if you need something different you may want to try the approach of hands off. Before sex … during foreplay (which is a MUST) can do anything you want with it (if you will) BUT she is not allowed to touch. None of oral sex, do not rub, no nothing … zip. So when you are ready to do the work to be ready to go and you have to start from the beginning. If nothing else helps, then I suggest you think about your grandmother in a bathing suit … preferable to a belt. They definitely take the edge off … Well, unless you like that kind of thing. Good Luck!

premature ejaculation natural techniques
premature ejaculation natural techniques

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