Premature Ejaculation Medicine In Pakistan

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premature ejaculation medicine in pakistan

I have problem exccessive nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and semen is thin?

My age is 29 and unmarried. I started mastubation from 16 to 25. I have serious problems with my sex organs hypersensitivity that makes me even immagination hot liquid water comes out of my penis. I have ejaculation Excessive nighttime as once a week. My semen is very thin. I have problem of premature ejaculation as 30 seconds without foreplay and foreplay only 2-3 shots. I have the intention of getting married in March 2009 and I am very worried. Advise any medications (easily available in Pakistan) to overcome these problems 100%.

Hi, your problem is called premature ejaculation. Premature ejeculation is the inability to delay ejaculation till the man wishes or when ejaculation occurs too early in the sexual act to satisfy the partner. Premature ejaculation is mostly a physiological basis. Biologically, men have a orgasm about 2-3 minutes after penetrating the vagina. Women, in contrast, typically take longer to reach climax. Since in most cases the partners can not climax together, not satisfied and called premature ejaculation:. following techniques may be beneficial in delaying ejaculation The 'stop and start "method – in this method, the man learns to recognize the stage after that he can not control ejaculation treatment method trains the person to remove the stimulus just before that. stage is reached so that the urge to ejaculate is controlled. For example, when during masturbation, the man reaches a point just before ejaculating, he stops the stimulus until he starts losing the erection. Once the stage has passed, you can resume the activity. This process is repeated again and again until the individual is able to delay ejaculation until you want. This method called the Masters and Johnson method is most effective when the help of the couple asks for real sex. – The compression technique in this method, the partner gently squeezes the tip or base of the penis just before the point of therefore premature "cancel" the orgasm. This process can continue until the couple decides mutually to reach the climax. Desensitizing creams and gels are available on the market that reduce the sensitivity of the penis and help men reach climax later. Some men also feel that condoms reduce feelings and, in addition to providing safer sex, help you last longer. You can also experiment with sexual positions that some positions offer more control than others and may help delay ejaculation. Enjoy Life

premature ejaculation medicine in pakistan
premature ejaculation medicine in pakistan

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