Premature Ejaculation Length

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premature ejaculation length

premature ejaculation?

I have a problem with premature ejaculation. I think that'll wet my pants when I walk through certain places, such as schools and the occasional Baptist church. When I masturbate, I usually go as far as grabbing my cock before exploding. I have fear of sex with my girlfriend for the first time they had sex, I could not make the past foreplay. We have tried several times but I can not seem to last longer than the length of a Tootsie Roll. Sometimes I try to put on an album of Elton John to help me focus lasts longer, but it just seems to speed up. Can someone please help me to find healthy alternatives to resolve my situation rather embarrassing and shaming the family.

How about an anesthetic cream or you are worried that the mere process of setting will make you explode?

premature ejaculation length
premature ejaculation length

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