Premature Ejaculation Kegel

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premature ejaculation kegel

How is a Kegel exercise for men?

I have tried researching on the internet as it is intended to help with erections and ejaculation early, but nothing really tells you what to do, could someone please describe step by step?

Kegel is German for "bowling" or "cone". It is perhaps a bit like bowling. Imagine pushing blood into the penis. These blood returns to your body (we will not return the ball ^ ^) is difficult to explain exactly how many people it somehow. Yes, somehow, like holding your urine, as well as using "the muscles of your penis ", but the penis has no muscles. But that" hold your pee "just for a short time and there again and again. Try to keep the pee just as his gun. Then you know how. That's Kegeln.

premature ejaculation kegel
premature ejaculation kegel

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