PE Symptoms

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PE Symptoms

Premature ejaculation or PE is known to be the most common sexual dysfunction that men face today. It is a problem wherein men ejaculates before vaginal penetration or second after. This causes several psychosocial problems. There have been no concrete answers regarding the primary cause of PE, however, there are factors that are considered to increase a man’s susceptibility. PE symptoms are usually seen in men who are going to have sex the first time.

This condition is categorized into either being a lifelong or acquired problem. Life long PE involves men who have had rapid ejaculations ever since they started to have sex and acquired PE involves men who were able to control their climax before, but at some point, experienced the problem. Some studies say that lifelong PE may be caused by biological conditions such as delayed sexual development and neurological disorders while acquired PE may be caused by behavioral and psychosexual problems such as anxiety, confusion and self doubt.

Although there is no exact basis considering the latency when a man reaches his climax, doctors say that primarily, men who are suffering from PE will usually ejaculate several seconds to a minute or two before or just after penetrating the vagina or masturbating. Some studies also say that if a man is able to hold his climax for a minute or two and retain his erection, but notices a decrease in his stamina and performance, he may be suffering from the condition as well.

Medical professionals say that there are men who usually disregard sudden PE symptoms. They say that this could be fine since the occurrence may be caused by personal problems just like for men who are cheating on their partners, they usually feel guilty which leads them to the inability to control their climax, some also feel exhausted after a day’s work also resulting to the problem. Doctors say that men do not have to worry if that is the case, but if it happens recurrently, they should already get checked. It has also been stated that if men continuously neglects these indications or repeatedly practice short sexual intercourse, they are putting themselves at higher risks of developing premature ejaculation.

Doctors say that it is important for men to be aware of PE symptoms since it will help them determine whether or not they already have the condition. This will help them prevent any complications with regards to their sexual functions and save themselves from dealing with those problems for a long time.

PE Symptoms

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