PE Spray

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PE Spray

Premature ejaculation or PE is one of the most common sexual problems men face. This is when a man has a short intravaginal ejaculation latency time, which means he reaches his climax before or right after penetrating the vagina. There have been several studies done with regards to effective treatments for the condition and results showed that the use of anesthetic PE spray may help improve the problem without causing internal complications.

The foremost etiology of premature ejaculation is not that clear however doctors say that physiologic and psychogenic factors may be considered to be prospective causes of the condition. Behavioral cases such asĀ  feeling hesitant, anxious, and exhausted is said to have an effect in a man’s ability to control his climax, so are biological factors such as erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular problems and oversensitive glans. Using these factors as basis, doctors will provide treatment plans to patients with regards to their needs and wants.

Doctors have concluded that the intensified responsiveness of the glans or the head of the penis is one reason for men to ejaculate earlier which is why the use of anesthetic PE spray has become one of the best options for men. This kind of treatment is said to reduce the glans’ sensitivity without altering the ejaculatory sensation. These sprays usually contain a combination of prilocaine and lidocaine, forming a potent cuticular anesthetic.

Unlike medications, these sprays have no harmful side effects especially in the kidneys and the liver. There were also no noted cases of men complaining about irritation. However, men who have tried this method say that after vaginal penetration, the spray’s anesthetic effect diminishes, making them use condoms which most men do not feel comfortable with.

Because of this, doctors did controlled studies to see how timing affects the use of topical sprays. With regards to the results, they say that the group of men who used the spray ten to fifteen minutes before intercourse had prolonged latency time and had better sexual contentment. Those who used the spray a few minutes before intercourse were able to extend ejaculatory time but not as long as the other group.

Though the use of anesthetic PE spray do not have any harmful adverse effects to a user, doctors say that it is still important to get checked before trying the treatment. They say that men should be instructed about the proper usage of the spray to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

PE Spray

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